Why Choose Dare To Coaching

• Are you struggling to accomplish your competitive goals?
• Are you feeling guilty or inadequate since returning to riding?
• Are you experiencing difficulty in an area of your personal life that’s effecting your riding?
• Are you constantly second guessing your decisions in the arena?
• Are you riding in the grips of fear or anxiety?

These challenges and others can severely impact on your riding, leaving you feeling helpless and isolated in trying to overcome a problem on your own. The reality is, where we experience conflict in our lives, we in turn experience it in our riding, and vice versa.

A successful riding partnership relies on both mind and body. Your life exists beyond the confines of a 45 minute riding lesson in an arena, and the challenges that arise in our lives often seep into the relationships we have with our horses and how we ride.

However, when given the support and tools to alter how you deal with challenges, you can start on your journey towards success. Australia’s Dare To Coach, Ben Netterfield, bridges mind and body to help riders, like you, excel in all areas of your riding.


About Ben Netterfield

• AIPC Leadership Coach
• ACT Therapist
• EA Level 3 Showjumping Coach Educator

A popular and respected coach and clinician, Ben Netterfield continues to bring out the best in riders, including at elite competition level.

His extensive career, which has seen him in various roles at the World Equestrian Games in 1998, Youth Olympics Festival in 2005, the London Olympic Games in 2012, and Chief d’Equipe for National Senior and Young Rider Teams, has led him to become one of Australia’s most sought after showjumping specialists.

Following two major injuries in his own sporting pursuits, Ben has recognised the significance of the rider’s mindset in overcoming adversity. Now a qualified Leadership Coach from the Australian Institute of Professional Coaches, he coaches riders using a holistic mind and body approach.

Trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, with a focus on trauma, depression and anxiety disorders, and working with adolescents, Ben provides a safe and encouraging environment for intermediate to experienced riders to unlock their minds and discover their potential from within.

One-on-one coaching is available to riders Australia-wide.